In remembrance of the lives lost in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, in 2003 Prishtina FILM organized the Multimedia Art Festival 9/11.  The festival began as a film, sculpture, and modern design competition, expressing artists’ points of view on that particular day in 2001.  PrishtinaFILM produced and edited five short films within one month to present at the festival.  The four-day event was held in cooperation with the US Office (now US Embassy) Pristina.  A high level of both artist and audience interest brought the festival back as an annual event, and it is in its 8th edition in 2011.  9/11 is unique among film festivals because, in recognition of the challenges facing artists in Kosovo, we also produce a number of films for the festival each year.
This non-commercial festival gives opportunities to artists by enabling them to show their scripts.  We have produced dozens of films over the years and become a major contributor to the development of Kosovo’s film sector.  For more information, go to www.911festival.com