The Group L.L.C. the successor of PrishtinaFILM, is among the best-known marketing companies in Kosovo.  We were founded in 1999 on a simple idea: in an age of innocuous or downright irritating advertising, something interesting, charming, amusing and relevant would be a very welcome surprise. It would engage an audience's imagination, and provoke a response.  Our vision was to create communications that are smarter, that work harder, and that are more effective, because they get talked about.  And they have: from the census to national elections, we have managed some of the largest, most influential projects in Kosovo.  Read on for a full listing of our past projects, or contact us to get your next project started.


We bring together marketing experts, artists, and experienced managers in an open and collaborative culture that in the truest sense integrates disciplines like advertising, interactive media and brand consulting. One of the first national firms specializing in film and television, we are the only company in Kosovo that operates exclusively in PRO High Definition format. 


Click here for a full listing of our past projects.