Our work has included documentaries, short artistic films, video promotions, posters, radio clips, road shows, logo design and color solutions, conceptualization, strategy, and more:
VALA 900 (2001)
Kosovo Lottery campaign (2003)
BONUSBONITA, ISO and HACCP Certification (2006)
OSCE Civil Registration campaign (1999)
OSCE Election campaign (2000)
PTK services (2001)
CareInternationalcampaign–DomesticViolence and ViolenceAgainstChildren(2001)
OSCE Election campaign (2002)
OSCE Election campaign (2004)
IOM and USAID campaign against human trafficking (2005)
Cultural Heritage campaign sponsored by the Ministry of Culture (2006)
Anti Drug Use Campaign in cooperation with NGO Labyrinth (2006)
Life Long Learning Campaign, Ministry of Education (2006)
JUSTICE KID campaign-ABA/RLI and USAID (2007)
Christian Relief Services anti-trafficking campaign (2007)
OSCE campaign on complaint issues (2007)
OSCE Anti Corruption Campaign (2007)
Central Election Commission Public Information Campaign,2007national elections
EU Kosovo Forest Management campaign (2007)
Come to Europe Campaign for ICO/EUPT/EULEX (2008)
Decentralization Campaign, Kosovo Government (2008)
Kosovo Municipal Elections (2009)
Kosovo Municipal Elections, Second Round (2009)
UNDP campaign against domestic violence (2010)
Kosovo National Elections (2010)
Kosovo National Census (2011)



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