Blerim Gjoci

Blerim Gjoci founded Prishtina FILM, the 911 Dedication Film Festival, and most recently The Group. He is well known for his work in public relations and marketing, and has conceived and designed countless notable campaigns, implementing them across Kosovo with his creative team. Mr. Gjoci is also among the most successful actors in Kosovo. His artistic work ranges from leading theater roles and winning the Alexander Moisiu Award, to Warner Bros film, to walking the red carpet as a Venice International Film Festival nominee. He is presently developing several major motion picture projects and marketing campaigns.


AJ Rei-Perrine
AJ Rei-Perrine began her career in Kosovo as a US Diplomat in 2006, providing first-hand reporting and analysis to the State Department during the independence process, as well as shaping and advocating for a broad range of policy interests. She also served as a Vice Consul at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, drafting speeches, adjudicating passports and visas per the 1961 Vienna Convention. Ms. Rei-Perrine has a law degree from the University of Washington and a BA in politics from Vassar College. She is from Seattle.


Lumbardh Kukaj | Finance Manager

Time is money, and when you want the fastest “job done” possible, Lumbardh is simply the best. He is the longest-serving member of The Group family.