Marketing The Group is the only marketing company in Kosovo with in-house design and production units.  Because we do not need to outsource, we are able to produce to tight deadlines and achieve excellent quality control.  As a full-service public relations firm, we not only design promotional products to order to meet each customer’s needs, but also provide the final products – billboards, posters, keychains, or your own creative idea.  Our innovative approach allows us to customize our services and products to meet your marketing goals, as well as providing creative consulting as needed.

Media campaigns  Our media services cover every aspect of an effective media campaign,including branding, logo creation, corporate identity, design and distribution of promotional materials, and strategic media planning.

Motion pictures  PrishtinaFILM provides television, radio, and film services for The Group. We bring together top-quality scriptwriters, directors, and highly-skilled crews, for the best in moving pictures and audio production.

Events and Celebrations  To create a successful event, your guests should be enticed from the moment they receive the invitation. From the cocktails to music to inspired décor, every detail should be fine tuned to perfection. Our events leave guests remembering and talking about them far into the future, and regularly feature VIP guests – Kosovo’s President, Prime Minister, Legislators, Ambassadors, etc.  Whether you wish to create a red carpet world premiere, mark an important official milestone or achievement with your organization, or introduce a brand to a new audience, The Group will create a unique event that reflects the desired personality and style.   We handle each detail - locations, transport, decorations, fireworks, catering, light & sound, program and master of ceremonies, and all logistics – allowing you to become a guest at your own celebration.